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Marie Elena Cortés has received awards through the International Latino Book Awards in L.A. 

 I am honored to be a Kids Sunshine Ambassador with Healing Hands for Kids International. My goal is to add light and positivity to children battling health illnesses or emotional trauma. 

Special thanks to Vania Galindo with CBBA Radio who invited me to their recording studio to start my first interviews with SHINE. Today, my son and I have a video podcast on YouTube called: SHINE with Marie and Mark where we highlight citizens who are light in this crazy world! Subscribe to our channel! Visit our YOUTUBE channel at:

Collaborating with LATINO LITERACY NOW has been a blessing!

"Most people come into our lives for a temporary season, but others become part of our world and inspire us to shine! I met Jim Sullivan and Kirk Whisler in 2003 at The Latino Book & Family Festival in the George R. Brown Convention Center as I walked out of the festival that year. The workshops had inspired me and I told Jim that one day I would be back with a book...and I did a year later! Over the years the Latino Books & Family Festival has become a place where I get inspired and motivated to continue writing and publishing my books. Dream Big! Keep the FAITH! Work hard and keep WRITING, so we can leave a legacy that our kids can be proud of!”-Marie Elena Cortés

I enjoyed organizing art workshops and planning inspirational murals with local and international artists all over the nation. If you are interested in commissioning an artist to paint on canvas or a mural, please call (832) 388-8218.

 International Latino Book Awards Tour

It's an honor to have been nominated by the International Latino Book Awards and be part of their 2014 tour. My first chapter book received second place in two categories: "Best Youth Latino Focused Chapter Book" and "Most Inspirational Youth Chapter Book".

Call Kirk Whisler at (760) 434-1223

Connecting with the Texas Covenant House was so inspirational. Talking to young teens who have lived in an abusive home or who have been surrounded by alcohol and drugs as little children broke my heart. Volunteering for this non-profit organization inspires me to always try to be the best parent I can be. Writing heals a lot of teens and helps them plan a better future. I am honored to work with the teens when I can. If you want to volunteer please visit:

I am a friend and volunteer at Neighborhood Centers

A United Way Agency.

You can share your talents and join the FOR GOOD campaign by going to 

Special thanks to The Veggie Pals for all their support during "Kids Write to Know Health Awareness"!!

For more info go to

"Collaborating with other professionals makes my workshops unique and memorable for the students! Students never stop learning and every workshop is a new opportunity and adventure! On this workshop, Rhonda Adams, hygiene dentist and artist, was our special guest at our "Kids Write to Know Nutrition & Health"-Marie Elena Cortes

Visit her website at:

Creating art with the patients at Texas Children's Hospital...supporting and Artists of the Year, Reginald Adams-2011


Latino Literacy Now

I love Latino Literacy Now, because they celebrate literature and support multilingual authors by giving

them opportunities to shine. On June 28th, 2014, I had the honor to be recognized at the International Latino Book Awards. To see list of all winners please visit


I have been part of national author panels sharing my experience as a writer.


For more information please call Kirk Whisler at


Southern Artists Foundation

Autism Awareness Through the Arts

I collaborated with Jonathan Estes, Founder of Southern Artist Foundation, to decorate empty walls in Houston and beautify our city! Kids Write to Know writes positive messages that inspire our community! Together we discover the power of writing on art!

I will continue the legacy in memory of

Johnathan Estes. RIP my friend.-August 19th, 2014.

Covenant House-Texas

On November 21st, 2013, I "Slept Out" to help raise money for the homeless youth. No teenager should be kicked out of their home and be homeless! Parents need to be more responsible, communicate with their children and be great role models.


Edward James Olmos

Family & Books Festival

In Hollywood, California, at the Edward James-Olmos Book & Family Festival with Univision reporter, Teresa Rodriguez, and author, Lucia DeGarcia-2005 

Thanking our veterans at Riverside Hospital in Houston, TX-2010

Spaulding for Children Adoption Center

High School students volunteer with Marie Elena at Spaulding for Children Adoption Center-Houston, TX 2010

...bringing smiles, books and writing to children!

Please visit and help adopt :)

Veggie Pals

Collaborating with Veggie Pals is so much fun!! Kids got inspired to write healthy recipes and fun poetry. Visit

Children's Music Foundation

Volunteering at Ronald MacDonald House in Galveston, Texas, with the Director of the Children's Music Foundation, Daren Hightower. What an amazing collaboration! I was so inspired!

For more information visit:

Houston Institute for Culture

Supporting Houston Institute for Culture, as Executive Director. For more information please go to

Join us!

Become a member and enjoy monthly workshops and inspirational city events.

Picture of MOCAH's Queens of Creativity, Nia Jacobs, Artista Elizabeth, Rhonda Adams (not on picture), and Marie Elena Cortes, behind stage at Miller Outdoor Theatre in 2011 (donated our art as gifts to the performers).

Marie Elena with poet Blanca Alanis and author Vuthy Kuon from Providence Publishing, at Libros Book Store in the Heights-Houston, TX -2009

For Publishing ideas go to:

First Kids Write to Know Day with NASA Robotics team, Author Vuthy Kuon, Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee, and Kids Write to Know Founder, Marie Elena Cortes-December 13, 2008

Meet Baldemar Rodriguez, movie producer and Houston entrepreneur. It's an honor working with him on our new writing workshop titled...

Writing for Hollywood!!!!

To find out more about this unique and inspiring workshop

please call (832) 388-8218 or email:

Kids Write to Know supporting Financial Literacy Conference in Houston with John Hope Bryant, Founder of Project HOPE-2008

Marie Elena Cortes made signs for the Librotraficante Caravan 2012 with Tony Diaz.

For more info go to

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