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"From The Barrio To The Board Room"



KIDS WRITE TO KNOW beautifies minds & neighborhoods...through personalized theme-based writing &art projects with real life application!

From the Barrio Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation committed to using author Robert Renteria’s life, business experience, and role as a civic leader to help eliminate conditions that foster violence, delinquency, drugs, and gangs. The book From the Barrio to the Board Room is a tool and Robert Renteria is a resource who promotes education, a sense of pride and accomplishment, and self-esteem within the youth of our communities. Learn more at www.fromthebarro.com

International Award Winning Authors, Robert Renteria and Marie Elena Cortés want to tackle a universal need.  Their
plan is to beautify minds as they share their stories of success and dedication. Ms. Cortes creates PERSONALIZED PROJECTS at student's level, and at the same time, teach students to BECOME WRITERS & UNITE their talents and transform their neighborhoods. It's a win win for the city and for the citizens. Robert & Marie Elena have been going into different neighborhoods to inspire communities in Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago for the last ten years. They are ready to inspire our nation! Invite them to your campus!

If your school does not have the budget to pay for this amazing presentation  & beautification project, call YOUR SPONSORS and they will help your school find FUNDS!

HeARTful Teens









A unique and fun workshop that will inspire our teens to plan a better future through the arts! Students will discover a variety of art forms and at the same time listen to long-lasting meaningful advise that parents what them to take more serious.

The main goal of this workshop is to motivate teens to grow up to become responsible and productive citizens who create joyful moments and become wise adults.


Single Moms Inspire Learn and Educate

Helping teen moms to discover the power of being a responsible mom!

"Becoming a mother completely changed my life. My two children have inspire me to focus on my dreams & goals.  I love them so much!

My first Children's Book was created for them...they inspire me everyday to be the best I can be!"-Marie Elena Cortes, Director & Founder of S.M.I.L.E.

Esmeralda Gonzalez, President

Kids Write to Know

What Author's Do!


Marie Elena shares her journey as a writer and what inspires her to write  (Pre-K to 12th grade).


Students will enjoy a book reading, multimedia presentation and a mini writing workshop. Students are invited to bring a picture of a sibling or a best friend.


Duration: 60 minutes per grade level

Pre-K and K presentations available and are 30 minutes



  Book reading and signing for "My Annoying Little Brother" in Chicago-2007 


 To schedule your next Author Visit please call (832) 388-8218




Teachers 1st

First Year Teacher Workshop

Pre-K to 1st Grade


Empower your first year teachers!


Get workstation ideas from the perspective of an author who taught for 15 yrs.







Marie Elena will share her book: "My First Classroom"

and speak about the importance of well organized and caring teacher in a classroom. Her book will give ideas of how to organize a first year teacher's classroom!


 Teachers will learn:


  • Importance of a well balance integrated classroom
  • Classroom management tips
  • Classroom Library ideas
  • Behavior Management tips
  • Organization strategies
  • Parent Communication Ideas
  • "Make  & Take"  3 portable workstations where kids will practice critical thinking skills
  • Get ideas on how to create interactive bulletin boards in the hallway



*** Teachers must have access to materials and laminating machine

* ** School must provide materials: construction paper, scissors, poster boards, markers, pencils, glue, etc.


To schedule your next Author Visit please call (832) 388-8218


Kids Write to Inspire


Marie Elena can help your school organize a powerful community event! She will serve as your community coordinator and connect your school with  key speakers and sponsors for your event. Let Marie Elena help your school organize an unforgettable community event that will inspire others.






Suggested topics:

  •  Go Green
  •  We love Texas
  •  Art U Ready?
  • Mathematicians at Work
  • Scientific Approach


School must:

-Have access to computer lab

-Provide materials

-Have teacher or teacher aide present to monitor students at all workshops


To schedule your next Author Visit please call (832) 388-8218


Kids Write to Know Environmental Awareness


Marie Elena will read one of her books to your students. After her book reading, Marie Elena will have a conversation with the students about the importance of writing about topics that make others reflect. Students will then be encouraged to make their own signs using recycled materials with messages that will inspire their community.





The students on this picture were working on a green inniciative at their campus. Students got inspired about writing after Marie Elena's presentation and made signs using recycled card board to help celebrate Kids Write to Know Day 2012.


 To schedule your next Author Visit please call (832) 388-8218


Kids Write To Celebrate Teachers!


Marie Elena will go to your event to read her book: "My First Classroom" and discuss  the importance of a teacher or role model in a child's life. She also talks about the responsibilities of a student. After her presentation she will sign books and do face painting for one hour.


Most popular are:

Open House

Literacy Night

Educational Conference

Holiday Festivals


Duration: Book reading & book discussion (30 minutes) plus  1 hr. of face painting.


*School can pre-order books at a special price and use event as a fundraiser!

Call for more information.


To schedule your next Author Visit please click here (http://www.greatschoolspeakers.com/author-visit) or call 

         1.800.531.1347 Ext. 1 ask for SaRita Dean, Author Appearance Coordinator

 Author Visits


Kids Write to Know collaborates with non-profits and businesses to promote literacy, art, history, culture, and diversity


Invite Marie Elena to collaborate with your non-profit or business.





To schedule your next Author Visit please call (832) 388-8218

Kids Write to Know

The Book Process


*Book Reading/The Book Process/Discussion/Q&A

(30 minutes per classroom)

*must book an entire grade level


*Book Reading/Discussion/Activity for the entire school (can be in one or two sessions in the cafeteria or auditorium)


Note: One teacher or teacher aide per class must stay during the entire book reading or writing workshop to supervise students.


To schedule your next Author Visit please call (832) 388-8218


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