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Spanish Live Interview by Teleguia Magazine in Chicago, IL. Marie Elena talks about her children's book and writing club.

My Annoying Little Brother

Written by Marie Elena Cortes

Illustrated by Chris Leathers

"Brothers and sisters don't always look at situations in the same way. Any of us with siblings knows that quite well. This is normal since we are all unique individuals, and we all think differently! The nice thing is that no matter what, brothers and sisters always know they have the love of one another! I hope my books helps your child to get along and live in perfect harmony! " Marie Elena

Published: 10/15/2003

By Providence Publishing Co.

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover and Hardcover


Size: 8.5x11

ISBN: 0-9651661-8-X

Print Type: Color

*To purchase go to web store page or invite Marie Elena Cortes to your school! Call (832) 388-8218

Neglected by Two Countries

Neglected By Two Countries

Marie Elena's award-winning book, "Neglected by Two Countries" tells the stories of young American citizens from undocumented parents who have experienced the humiliation of the deportation of one or two parents...leaving them behind to live alone or in foster care. These stories will make each reader reflect about an issue that is affecting innocent children. The book shares the consequences of our government not implementing immigration laws and not protecting our borders in previous years.

This chapter book is a MUST read for ALL students, so they appreciate and are thankful for their families.


1 0/12/2014 By

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover

Pages: 97

Size: 5 X 7

ISBN: 978-1-889379-47-0

Print Type: Black & White

This book was nominated for the 2014 International Latino Book Awards and won 2nd Place in two categories:

1.-Most Inspirational First Chapter Book

2.-Best Youth Latino Focused Chapter Book

For more information visit

My First Classroom

Written by Marie Elena Cortes

Illustrated by Marvin Alonso

This book is written from the perspective of a four year old girl who narrates her experience in pre-school. At the beginning of school she was scared, but as the days passed by she realized that she loves school...and admires her teacher. This book is a must read to children who will attend school for the first time or who are having trouble attending school.

The book highlights the importance of a teacher and the responsibility of a student!

Self Published:

7/12/2011 By Xlibris

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover and Hardcover


Size: 8.5x11

ISBN: 978-1-46288-644-9

Print Type: Color

*To purchase go to web store page or invite Marie Elena Cortes to your school! Call (832) 388-8218

My Annoying Little Brother, is an interactive reading adventure, originally published as a children's printed book. It allows kids to overlap sounds, animations and words, read whole pages or click on individual words, and search the page for the hidden animations. This is an app where learning is a pleasure, entertaining, and beautiful. The original book was written By Marie Elena Cortes, and she continues to read it to school children throughout the US. The art for the book was created by Chris Leathers, an illustrator and computer animator who lives and works in NY and has worked on TV series such as Speed Racer the Next Generation, and now makes educational apps. - Download the App at:


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