International Award Winning Author, Marie Elena Cortés, is an experienced and passionate motivational speaker with over twenty years of experience. Marie Elena has been featured on TV and radio stations. She has published two children’s books: My Annoying Little Brother and My First Classroom. Her latest book, a chapter book for youth, Neglected by Two Countries, has received numerous awards at

the International Latino Book Awards (2014) and the Books into Movies Award (2015).

In 2005, Cortés created a writing club titled Kids Write to Know where she has presented to over 200,000 students, parents, educators, and businesses at schools, libraries, churches, festivals, and conferences in across the USA and Mexico. Attendees enjoy Cortés' storytelling, poetry and a powerful presentations that invite her audiences to discover the power of thinking. Her messages are about success, personal growth, culture, education and how to live wisely the American Dream!

In 2018, Marie Elena had the fight of her life battling breast cancer. She won the battle and is a survivor and lives life at FULL BLAST! She is happy to be given a second chance, so her new projects are brighter that before! Stay connected via her FB live videos or through her YouTube channel. Just type her name and you will be connected to her many projects in her city, nation or world tours.

SHINE...and brighten someone's day with your spark!

What will she plan next? 

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   To book or reserve a date please email her at: or text (832) 388-8218

Special thanks to Eric Chase, for his voice on this video created by Carlos Ruiz.