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Kids Write to Know

Organizes and plans personalized theme-based workshops and artistic projects that:

Motivate students to become critical thinkers about a variety of topics

Inspire students to discover the power of thinking

Beautify minds and spaces

Leave a legacy of positivity for future generations!

About Director and Founder

Award Winning Author, Marie Elena Cortes is the Director and Founder of Kids Write to Know ..the power of thinking on paper...and on any thing your mind can imagine! Marie started the writing club in 2005 to help students improve their communication skills and focus on beautification projects in their neighborhoods. Today, Kids Write to Know gets invited to schools and events all over the world. Experience it yourself and invite Marie Elena to your campus or conference!

Cortes will motivate everyone to improve their communication skills and to beautify their mind and spaces. 

If your school or business would like to sponsor a writing workshop at one of your local schools or one of special events through Healing Hands for Kids International just email Marie at:

You will get a tax-credit for your donation!

Marie Elena Cortes can go read her books at your campus and inspire your kids with her 


For only $1 per student (must book the entire campus)

Reserve your date TODAY!



with Marie Elena Cortes & Mark Sedgwick

YouTube Channel:

Shine with Marie & Mark

There are a few ways you can help your students and teachers shine brighter:

1.-Invite us to your campus to plan a powerful workshop with your teachers and/or students.

2.-Visit my our video podcast and watch the live recordings that my son, Mark, and I share to help all of us SHINE brighter...we can also go to your campus to produce a live video podcast there!

3.-Let us help you plan a beautification art project on your walls! Yes, we can create art or write positive quotes that will motivate your students.

Let's shine brighter than yesterday, because it matters to the people we love!

Together we can be a light in this world and leave a legacy that will inspire future generations.

Call Mark at (713) 962-7968 to book a workshop or to set up a school tour and begin planning your beautification project.

"Let's nurture our country with great thoughts and fair laws. For we will never get higher than what we think and write!"-Marie Elena Cortés

"It's an honor to work with my son,

Mark Sedgwick. Him and his sister inspired me to publish "My Annoying Little Brother" in 2005, to help them get long and live in perfect harmony. Today, they both make me so proud. I have watched them grow up and turn into a responsible and productive citizens!

As parents, we have the power to help our kids SHINE bright in everything they do. I invite all parents to be a light in their children's life, spark positivity and greatness in them. It is our duty to Model what you want to see in them!"- Marie Elena Cortes

What Authors Do

Invite Marie Elena to share her story as an author, teacher, parent, and community leader. She will inspire your students to look at writing in a positive way. For author visits and presentations please email

Discover the power of thinking on paper!

Celebrate Writing

every December 13th

Write a poem, a story, a joke or words of wisdom. All you have to do is put your thoughts on whatever your mind can imagine...paper, canvas, concrete, wood, plastic or metal and decorate it!

Complete your creations and scan your work or take a photo and email it to: by December 9th.

Schools who submit the most writing pieces will receive a complimentary author visit before the holidays! 

To schedule a workshop, interview or presentation at your school, church, library, conference or literacy your date today. Text or call 

(832) 388-8218

To schedule a workshop, interview or presentation at your school, church, library, conference or literacy your date today. Text or call (832) 388-8218

Where has Marie Elena presented?





Adoption Centers


Day Camps

Educational Conferences

Grocery Stores

Art Galleries

Convention Centers

In what cities?

Los Angeles, CA

Vista, CA

Anaheim, CA

Long Beach, CA

San Bernardino, CA

San Diego, CA

San Francisco, CA

Chicago, IL

New York, NY

New Orleans, LA

Austin, TX

El Paso, TX

Galveston, TX

Mission, TX

Friendswood, TX

Pasadena, TX

Pearland, TX

Katy, TX

Mission, TX

Humble, TX

Sugarland, TX

San Antonio, TX

Montgomery, TX

Houston, TX

Dallas, TX

Webster, TX

Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mx

Caguas, Puerto Rico

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

For references please visit Friends page

Letters of LOVE to Our Community

"I started the this "Homework Assignment" for ALL of my fellow citizens in the USA. 💕💕❤️❤️💕💕

This is an opportunity for all of us to UNITE and discover the power of WRITING WITH 💕LOVE 💕...not with hate, racism, criticism, nor any negativity. Only one expectation to get an A+ and make a difference in our country:

ALL writing needs to be POSITIVE and INSPIRE LOVE. 💜 and COMPASSION.

Write a note, poem, song, or a story...add art to make a bigger impact!

Let's create murals of LOVE & POSITIVITY!!! Sprinkle KINDNESS and change the world with your spark. Let's SHINE brighter than yesterday."-Marie Elena Cortes

Discover the power of thinking on paper!

Note: One teacher or aide, per class, must stay during the entire book reading or writing workshop to supervise students.

Marie Elena will help your classroom plan and organize an unforgetable writing project. Students will not forget her words of advise and writing tips!

Check out one of her book readings at a Clear Lake private school...

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